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I got up, Mike was standing next to me, and I said, “Bob Newhart is without a doubt the funniest man in show business.” And I started to go on, and Mike said, “Excuse me, if we’re going to talk about funny people in show business, don’t you think we ought to include Chaplin? Okay, the funniest man in show business besides Chaplin is Bob Newhart.” And then I said, “But if you’re going to have Chaplin, then wouldn’t you mention Sid Caesar? So outside of Sid Caesar and Chaplin, Bob Newhart is the funniest man.” I said, “Well, what about Gleason? So when Harvey decided not to do this anymore…and I don’t know what the hell’s the matter with him, because I haven’t talked to him in a long time… And I had worked with Don Knotts before, so he’d done it a few times, and then Harvey, obviously, we did it for eight or nine years together. I still have fond memories of going to see “The Private Eyes” in the theater when I was a kid. : "I never showed Harvey (Korman) the Novocain part of it until we were actually doing it, and all week long he was saying, 'You know ,this sketch really stinks, there’s nothing funny about it.' And I said, 'Well, you know, I’m going to try to put together a little something...' If you ever look at the sketch, you will see that, once he realizes that I’m going to immobilize myself with this Novocain, he begins to go, 'Oh, my God…'" We were doing “The Apple Dumpling Gang” one time, and we were supposed to be disguised as dance hall girls, trying to avoid this bad guy, so we had on stockings and lace garters, high heels and skirts, brassieres, red wigs, the whole thing.” So we start doing names, got through about fifty people, and by the time we got through, I think we finally decided that Bob ) BE: You’re working with Chuck Mc Cann on this tour. So I asked Chuck, he said, “Yes,” and we saddled up. We would get dressed in the morning, and Don would say, “You know, it’s so cold in those dressing rooms in the morning when I’m trying to put all that crap on.” So I said, “Why don’t you have the wardrobe guy and the makeup lady come to your room and put that stuff on in the morning?

() …”You know, Tim, by golly, that’s a pretty good idea!” So as it ended up, I did enough of Carol’s shows that she said, “You know, you’re practically a regular on this show. ” They were doing 33 shows a year at the time, and I said, “Well, I’ll tell you what: I’ll do 32 weeks, and I’ll leave one week open in case sometime else comes up.” She said, “Okay.” And with that week off, I would ) And beyond that…well, Don Knotts and I became very good friends. TC: ("(Ernest Borgnine) is a great, great guy, he really is.I wrote a couple of movies with Don, and we did a lot of stuff at Disney together. BE: Well, my full-time gig is as a TV critic, and having just watched “CSI: The Tenth Season,” I’ve seen that you’re still very much active in the business. TC: Well, it started with “30 Rock.” Tina Fey called and said, “We want you to play this character on ’30 Rock,’” but I looked at it, and I said, “Well, I don’t know, Tina, it’s really a straight part. When I came out to Hollywood, I knew nothing about the business. They probably said, “Look, just sit there and smile.” BE: So how did the “Spongebob Squarepants” gig come about?() BE: There’s another animated performance I was going to mention, but it ties in to a couple of non-animated ones.You’ve played yourself a few times, including on “The Larry Sanders Show,” “Newhart,” and, yes, “The Simpsons.” How challenging was that for you?

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Jamie had to play because we were one short, and he hits this little roller to the pitcher.